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Kinetico has been Utah’s choice for water filtration systems for over 30 years!

We guarantee the Softest water, Lowest salt usage and Zero maintenance or your money back!

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Why Choose Kinetico Water Systems?

Kinetico water softeners and drinking water systems receive top ratings in the leading consumer publications and will provide your family with the finest soft water and healthy, clean drinking water.  We have helped thousands of Utah families experience softer skin and hair, protect their fixtures, faucets and appliances from hard water and enjoy shiny spot free dishes.

Kinetico water softeners use an average of 70% less salt, use no electricity, and ensure that you have an endless supply of soft water. You will enjoy decades of reliable, trouble free conditioned water and are covered by our industries most comprehensive warranty.

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  • Beth and Dave Kihm

    Your customer service is commendable, especially in these days where customer service is very lacking. We’ll definitely recommend your company to anyone we know…

    Beth and Dave Kihm
  • Carol and Frank Sheehan

    We are so very pleased with our Kinetico Water System. We live in a very small condo and we could not put in an ordinary soft water system because of the space requirements. Our Kinetico System fits in a space 46″ high by 22″ wide and 14″ deep and that includes: the salt storage tank and the twin regeneration tanks! Since there is no clock to reset, we can take a vacation and not worry about our softener system. We have had our Kinetico System for 5 years and have never had a maintenance problem…

    Carol and Frank Sheehan
  • David Locke

    The Utah Jazz’s pre-game and post-game host purchased a Kinetico System for his new home for a number of reasons. Listen to some of them in this Windows Media Recording. David Locke Recording

    David Locke
  • Consumers Digest

    Kinetico’s 2030s, 2060s and 2100s were rated a Consumers Digest “Best Buy.” Past “Best Buy” Ratings Kinetico 2060 water softener (Oct 2008) Kinetico 2020c water softener (July / August 2003) Kinetico Drinking Water System Plus (Nov / Dec 1999) Kinetico Drinking Water System Plus (May / June 1997) Kinetico Drinking Water System (July / August 1994) Kinetico Ultra-Kinetic 1 Water Conditioner (renamed Model 2040s) And Kinetico Water plant (March / April 1990)

    Consumers Digest
  • Handy Magazine

    (Nov / Dec 2006)”Kinetico’s Purefecta purifier is in a class by itself.” “Hard Facts About Water Softeners, New Technology Brings Soft Water Into the 21st Century.” (Jan / Feb 2004) Kinetico 2020c – “it may be the most advanced whole-house softener on the market.” (May / June 2003)

    Handy Magazine
  • Popular Mechanics

    (June 2004)”Water consists of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and nothing else. The Purefecta Drinking Water Purifier delivers that by taking out everything from common chemicals to viruses.” “The 2020c water softener is a compact, highly effective appliance.” (June 2003)

    Popular Mechanics