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Problems With Hard Water and Acne

By In Blog, Soft Water Health Tips Utah On February 20, 2018

For many dealing with acne, finding a solution can be a frustrating process. You make big changes in numerous areas, from skin products to diet to exercise, and you’re still dealing with unsightly and potentially painful acne sores.

Have you considered that your water might be part of the problem? At Kinetico, we’ve seen numerous clients who switch from hard water to soft water find major results with skin conditions – why is this, and is there a connection between acne and hard water? Let’s take a look.

Hard Water Basics

Hard water refers to water that contains calcium and magnesium. These minerals leave deposits on kitchen fixtures, etch glass and cause soaps to not function properly.

Skin Irritation

When you use hard water to wash your face the minerals found in the water interrupt the way typical soaps and cleansers work and can block these soaps from washing away properly, which can clog your pores and actively make acne worse.

Switching to Soft Water

If you’ve tried a number of other acne solutions without success, getting a water softener might be your best bet. Soft water won’t clog the pores, but will rather help clean and seal them as necessary.

For more on hard water and acne, or to learn about our water softener installation services, speak to the pros at Kinetico today.

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