Kinetico’s reverse-osmosis K5 Drinking Water Station outperforms other systems in 11 ways.

  • 1Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to remove more contaminants than any other system.
  • 2No more guessing when it’s time to replace filters. The K5’s patented Puremometer™ alerts you with an easy-to-read indicator.
  • 3Conserves water. You’d be surprised at the amount of water most filtraiton systems go through to produce a single glass of drinking water. The Kinetico K5 gets the job done using up to 93 percent less water.
  • 4Constant flow. The K5 delivers a constant flow of water at about twice twice the speed of other sytems.
  • 5More water at a time. Tired of running out of filtered water when you fill a pitcher or sauce pan? The K5 stores three times as much filtered water as other systems.
  • 6Filters are actually easy to change. No costly service call needed.
  • 7Lead-free faucet. Most faucets contain lead, which filtered water absorbs. K5’s stainless steel faucet ensures this won’t happen to you.
  • 8Longer lasting membrane. Surprisingly, most units use unfiltered water to clean internal parts. The K5’s patented EverClean® Rinse uses only filtered water. It keeps the system in top working order and vastly extends the membrane’s life.
  • 9Save space. In most homes and at your option, we can install the K5 in the home’s basement. This leaves room under the kitchen sink while providing even easier access to the K5.
  • 10End-to-end 10-year warranty. That includes the membrane provided you own a Kinetico water softener. (And why wouldn’t you?) If you don’t have a Kinetico water softener, the ten-year warranty still applies to everything except the membrane, which still has a remarkable four-year warranty.
  • 11Upgradable. The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station provides more than enough protection for most households. Want even more? Ask about our Purefecta™ filter (removes 99.999 percent of every classification of living organism) and other useful enhancements.

Our installer Casey is awesome! He was very respectful of our home. Steve, our salesperson, was incredible. No pressure, no hard sales tactics. He gave us the facts and we sorted them out. Casey came the following day to install. Can’t ask for better service. The pure drinking water is the best and my whole house water softener that removes the chlorine is divine. It’s like showering in silk.

Kathleen Super
Spanish Fork