Offering Water Filtration System Installation to Salt Lake City Residents

No itchy hard water deposits on your skin, no disgusting chemical smell, no buildup on rubber plumbing parts, and no chlorine inhaled swallowed, absorbed through the skin while bathing or showering.

Cities chlorinate water to eliminate some bacteria. That’s why your water smells and tastes like bleach. Worse, when you drink or bathe in chlorinated water, your body absorbs it. Miniscule amounts are harmless, but too much chlorine in your body is a serious health hazard.

Kinetico’s exclusive Whole House Filtration system solves the problem by doing two jobs at once: Its carbon filtering unit removes chlorine and other foul-smelling, bad-tasting, dangerous chemicals as it softens. And unlike other softeners, you won’t have to replace the carbon filter for up to 10 years.

Want to filter your drinking water even more? Check out our K5 Drinking Water Station.

Kinetico Whole Home Filtration removes chlorine and other smelly, bad-tasting chemicals as it softens your water.

I love my Kinetico soft water and yummy pure drinking water. I am a previous Kinetico owner and we loved it so we knew we couldn’t go wrong by having it again.

Scott & Suzanne Palmer,
South Jordan