Here’s what customers are saying about Kinetico of Utah

I have had a Kinetico system for 18 years! Love it. My water is always soft and I have only had to put salt in.

Elouse Larson

I appreciate the fact that I rarely have to fill the tank with salt. I think I’ve paid for the unit in salt savings alone over the past 18+ years.

Hans Schippers
South Jordan

I have had a number of different water softeners in my 54 years of married life, but I have never had one that worked any where close to the way my Kinetico softener that we have had in our home for 18 years. It has always worked very well and I have only had to do have maintenance once during its lifetime. I would highly recommend the Kinetico system to anyone considering a water softening system.

Ken Pettingill

The best water softener in the industry bar none, plus perfect friendly service …

… and follow up to make sure you are happy. My water has never been better and we use a lot less salt than the other systems. My back and pocket book are very happy! So is my wife. Plus Monte is fantastic to work with. Highly recommend!

My old softener used a 50 pound bag about every 30 days. This Kinetico used 50 pounds in about seven weeks. We are happy with the system so far, and never run out of soft water!


We’ve had a Kinetico water softener for 14 years and absolutely love it. Our neighbors have big softeners which take up a lot of room but the size of our Kinetico fits in our small furnace closet perfectly. Our family is very impressed by every aspect of using the Kinetico. We heartily endorse it to everyone who sees it and asks for information.

Carol Weenig

Thanks for your quick response and kind service I received for my Kinetico water system. I love knowing I am drinking “quality” water and appreciate the kind service your company always gives.

Beth Waite

My unit is a perfect compact size for my condo and the soft water is awesome!

Mrs. Webber

I finally have soft water! Really like the “on demand” feature and the little amount of salt needed. Also like the compact size.

Eve Verde

What do I love most about my Kinetico system. Not having a timer!

Joe & Annette May
West Jordan

I love everything about my Kinetico system. I had heard the radio ads and did a lot of personal research into soft water systems. As you know, we had soft water before changing to Kinetico. We thought there wouldn’t be much difference but there is. We can’t figure out the reason for the difference, but it is noticeable and good! My husband is using less lotion and my hair situation has improved. Whatever the difference we love it!

Tom & Judy Larson
West Valley City

What I love most about my Kinetico system is that is uses so little salt and my skin is soft.

Mrs. Young

Our water is finally soft. Our old system was never this good.

Paul & Kim Crookston

I finally have soft water! Really like the “on demand” feature and the little amount of salt needed. Also like the compact size.

Eve Verde

We really like the quiet regeneration cycle—no loud bangs or squeaks. I love the size of the system, the little salt it uses and the quiet operation.

Scott Nickell

I have noticed the water is a lot softer after removing my old system and installing the new system. All in all, great service on both sides. Sales and service. Thank You.

Owen Palmer
South Ogden

I owned a Kinetico system in my previous home and enjoyed quality service for 20 years. I recently moved and purchased a new Kinetico system. I don’t have to reset the system if the power goes out and it uses so little salt.

N. Olsen
Spanish Fork

Our installer was very nice. He answered all our questions and gave great advice on how to get rid of the hard water stains that had built up on my glasses previous to installing my Kinetico system. I love soft water!!

Kodi Bleak

I called today with a question about my softener and received great help. I had a Kinetico system in my previous home for many years. When I moved to my new home I purchased another Kinetico system. My experience with Kinetico has been great! I love everything about it. The ease of operation —the quality of the product.

Steve & Tamara Morgan

I had a different system before and it went out. I researched systems on the internet and decided to get a Kinetico. I love that it leaves more room compared to my old one. You guys have been great, thank you!

Richard Salas

We have really hard water and I heard about Kinetico on KSL listening to Doug Wright. I love my Kinetico because it uses less salt and takes up less space.

Craig and Anne Earl

I LOVE my Kinetico water softener. I have had it over 10 years and it has been phenomenal. I would recommend this product. It works great and the customer service is fantastic. Thanks to everyone at the company for their great service and help.

Mary L

We had our first Kinetico system installed almost twenty years ago and have been very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that we arranged for installation of the same type of system in our new house. The uninterrupted supply of soft water is wonderful and the flavor of the drinking water is outstanding.

One of the things that makes the Kinetico system so good is the “electricity free” aspect. Not reguiring any power (other than water pressure alone), the system never needs resetting and continues to work even during power outages. Additionally, the double-tank feature allows the system to continually supply soft water, even during regeneration.

Monte Lowder and his crew in Draper, Utah are nothing less than outstanding to work with. Monte kept in touch with me during the construction of our new house so we could have our system installed at the optimum time in order to have soft water available on move-in day.

Casey, the installer and service technician, is always available to answer any questions and provides excellent service and professional installations. He is the backbone of the Draper office.

We feel our Kinetico system is an integral part of our house and can't imagine ever living in a house without this system.

Rick and Kristine
South Weber, UT

We have had our Kinetico water sofener for about 12 years now. we have never had a problem with it and we are very happy with our original decision to purchase it. anyone considering a purchase of a water softener would be wise to consider Kinetico, Our experience with the company has been exceptional. I would definitely recomend Kinetico!

Lee and Arlene Fry

We love our Kinetico water softener, which has been working for the last 18 years with no maintenance. All we have to do is add salt to it. No work, no hassle, no repairs at all for 18 years. When it breaks down we will definitely be getting another Kinetico, it has been so easy.

Ben Varela

Thanks for your prompt attention to my request for repairing our softener system. Pierre did an outstanding job. He was knowledgeable, professional, and personable.

Douglas Jolley

My Kinetico water softener was installed 16 December 2016. I was very pleased with the entire process, the sales visit, the installation, the system operation, and the follow-up after installation to make sure I was totally satisfied. The installer was awesome, I like things level, plumb, and thoughtfully laid out, the installer of my system did all of that. The system is quiet, the water is soft, my hands are no longer cracked and sore, and the water tastes good. Thank You Kinetico.


The installer answered all my questions. I really do like this set up because it is the size that fits my furnace room. I only have to fill the salt tank every few months. I don’t have to use the excess of salt I used with my other softener and I don’t have to store a bunch of salt. I love the continuous soft water.

Rhonda Koch

My installer was fast, very experienced and nice to be around. We are very happy with our new water system. We made a good choice. It is maintenance free and the water is consistently soft plus great tasting water.

Jim & Carolyn Snow

I have never felt water that feels so good. What a difference it is from our old water softener. We are very happy with our Kinetico softener.

Candice Clark
West Jordan

We love the safety we feel knowing our water is safe and our home protected. We heard the horror stories of Herriman water and felt very good about our decision to purchase our Kinetico softener and drinking system after meeting with Monte.

Eugene & Kaitlyn Reader

I have really enjoyed my system. It uses so little salt and the water feels better.

Mr. Olsen

Our installer Casey is awesome! He was very respectful of our home. Steve, our salesperson, was incredible. No pressure, no hard sales tactics. He gave us the facts and we sorted them out. Casey came the following day to install. Can’t ask for better service. The pure drinking water is the best and my whole house water softener that removes the chlorine is divine. It’s like showering in silk.

Kathleen Super
Spanish Fork

The installer was very good. I purchased Kinetico because Doug Wright raves about it. I love it because I have soft water!

Laura Lauber
West Valley City

We love Casey- He is beyond courteous! The drinking water is wonderful—The whole house system can’t be beat. Casey has moved my system from American Fork (after initial install) to Bountiful to Salt Lake—back to Bountiful and back to American Fork. Now we are in Preston. Casey is great- knowledgeable- polite and does a good job.

Linda Pitcher
Preston, Idaho

I love the softness of my Kinetico water and the way my dishes sparkle again! We had so much trouble with our old system that we wanted something easy to use and reliable. I especially loved the kindness and friendliness of the lady who took our call and scheduled our appointment and Monte who explained everything to us. Thanks!

Dave & Nola McRory

Monte was amazing! Thank you, we love our soft water!

Glenn & Aimee Shaw

I love my Kinetico soft water and yummy pure drinking water. I am a previous Kinetico owner and we loved it so we knew we couldn’t go wrong by having it again.

Scott & Suzanne Palmer
South Jordan

I like that my softener regenerates on demand and not a timer. I can shower at 3 AM without worrying about it kicking into a regeneration cycle like my old system.

R. Moore
Stansbury Park

Our Kinetico softener keeps out water soft 100 percent of the time. Our previous water softener couldn’t handle our hard water problem.

Stephen & Holly Crandall

I love my Kinetico soft water and yummy pure drinking water. I am a previous Kinetico owner and we loved it so we knew we couldn’t go wrong by having it again.

Scott & Suzanne Palmer
South Jordan

Our installer was friendly, courteous and professional. He was also very knowledgeable and patient. He answered all of our questions. When he was finished with the installation it was neat and clean! What I love the most about Kinetico is the service and the quality.

Quinton and Tami Bridge

I decided to purchase a Kinetico System because of the workmanship; the quality of the product and talking to a co-worker that owns one. What I love the most about my Kinetico is the soft water and ease of use!

Scott and Janeen McFadden
American Fork

My name is Clif Larsen, I had a Kinetico water sofener Installed about 10 years ago, and that was the best thing i could of done for our family.
that was one of the best thing's I’ve  done  for our has never broken down,does not use very much salt.

Clif Larsen

I love my Kinetico Water Softener! There is always soft water 24/7. The only maintenance is adding salt to keep it happily working

Kay & Sandy