A great family business, a great family of products.

When Sharon and Dennis Lowder were looking to open a family business, it didn’t take long to settle on Kinetico water purification products. Thirty years later, they’re still doing business right in here in Draper, Utah. Their sons Monte and Steve grew up in the business, and today they work alongside Dennis and Sharon.

The Lowders chose Kinetico because they’re committed to quality. Kinetico’s water softeners are just plain better. They perform more efficiently and last longer because everything inside is mechanical—no electronics. (That’s the kinetic in Kinetico.) Electronics cost a fortune to replace, and they’re usually the first thing to fail on other water softeners. (It’s never a good idea to put electronics anywhere near water and salt.)

Besides first-rate water softeners, Kinetico of Utah also provides top-of-the-line drinking water filtration and whole-home filtration.

The Lowder’s mission has been the same for 30 years: To provide Utah’s homeowners and businesses with the highest quality water softening products, great customer service, and pure, clean water.

Kinetico of Utah founders and owners Sharon and Dennis Lowder