Why Softening and Reverse Osmosis Go Together

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Within the water filtration sphere, there are a few different layers of water treatment. You may be familiar with reverse osmosis filters that are installed under a sink and provide purified for drinking and cooking.

Kinetico’s Drinking Water Station is certified by NSF to remove more impurities than any other reverse osmosis and is rated number 1 by the leading consumer publication. Another of our services, that’s as vital for many, is our whole-home water softener. In fact, many people who choose one of these systems end up choosing both for their family – and they actually complement each other in several ways. Let’s look at the benefits of installing both a reverse osmosis drinking water system and a water softener in your home.

Quality Water

For all the water in your home, a water softener removes calcium and magnesium, which are the minerals found in hard water. For some people, especially those on a low-sodium diet or those who are looking to limit their sodium intake in any way, water softening can add slightly higher levels of sodium to the water.

This is where reverse osmosis comes in. Reverse osmosis systems can be hooked up to a single sink or a refrigerator/freezer line (or both), and will remove the sodium added to softened water – along with heavy metals like lead and many chemicals. For the highest quality water possible, both water softening and reverse osmosis systems are recommended.

Protects RO Units

Reverse osmosis membranes are very effective at removing many elements from your water, but they can be fragile.  Hard water has the same effect on reverse osmosis membrane as it does on you appliances and fixtures, it ruins them.

A water softener protects the reverse osmosis unit by filtering these elements before they ever reach it. This will extend the life of the RO unit significantly, often by nearly double.

Cost Benefit

Softening the water in your home and purifying your drinking water provide your family the benefits of soft water and the best quality water for drinking and cooking. In addition you will save money, when factoring in things like appliance lifespan and lower usage of soaps and detergents, they pay for themselves in short order. Reverse osmosis systems remove the need for bottled water, and many families find they purchase fewer sugary drinks once they install an RO system.

To find out more about benefits of soft water and purified drinking water speak to an expert at Kinetico Utah today.