Natural Health Detox Tips

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At Kinetico, we’re all about providing solutions for cleaner, healthier living. Our home water filtering systems will help you and your family enjoy pure, clean drinking water, that’s often the basis of a healthy life.

For many people, a detox is a great way to get healthier. Some people associate a detox with a long, arduous juice fast, but this isn’t necessarily the case – a cleanse can be anything that helps clear your body of toxins and release unwanted elements from the system. Here are a few healthy habits that can naturally detox your body.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Whole foods that are high in nutrients are best for keeping the body clean. Consider things like fruit, vegetables and beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lean protein and probiotics. All of these can help with gut and liver function, cleansing your system. If possible, look to eliminate processed, fried and sugary foods and red meat.

The Right Drinks

If you’re detoxing your body, alcohol is something to avoid. Stick to water, as this will help the kidneys flush out toxins. Add some lemon to add electrolytes and help with digestion. If you’re sick of simple water, switch to basic green tea, which has been shown to protect against heart disease and cancer. Milk thistle may also boost liver function.

Eat Smaller Portions

Big meals lead to bloating, which puts the digestive system in an uncomfortable position. More frequent, smaller meals (while eating slowly) are preferable.


Sweating helps with a detox by boosting circulation throughout the body. It also helps with stress, happiness and general energy levels.


Getting enough sleep each night is great for many areas of health. Create a comfortable sleep environment that’s cool, dark, quiet and absent of screens. Try to set up a standard bedtime that you stick to every night, and that allows you to sleep for at least seven hours.

Proper Skin Care

Before you bathe or shower, consider dry-brushing your skin with a soft brush. This will exfoliate the skin, boosting circulation and possibly promoting the growth of new cells.

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