The Erin Brockovich Chemical is On the Rise

woman drinking water

Made in the year 2000, the film Erin Brockovich documented one woman’s fight against contaminated drinking water, and a particular cancer-causing compound called chromium-6. While the film may have ended well, recent data from the Environmental Work Group shows that about 250 million Americans may have drinking water that’s contaminated with this chemical.

At Kinetico, our water filtration systems will help keep this kind of harmful chemical away from you and your family. Let’s look at some test results, possible explanations, and how you can identify if chromium-6 is present in your water.

Test Results

Based on test results obtained from nearly 50,000 local utilities, drinking water supplies are contaminated with chromium-6 for about 250 million Americans. For about 231 million of these, average levels of chromium-6 exceed the cancer risk level, which is one-in-a-million.

Somehow, though, this still may understate the total number of people exposed. Water from most smaller water utilities and private wells isn’t tested for chromium-6 at all, and there are no federal regulations on chromium-6 in drinking water or tap water.

Possible Explanations

A couple possible reasons why chromium-6 levels are higher in the recent study:

  • The EPA classifies utilities that purchase finished water from other utilities as consecutive systems, and testing requirements here are less stringent. This suggests that many consecutive systems are therefore buying water contaminated with chromium-6 from other utilities.
  • California is the only state with a public health goal and legal limits for chromium-6. The areas that fall under their testing requirements only serve less than 10,000 people.

Identifying Issues

Until national limits are instituted, you can find out about chromium-6 levels by using the EWG database to search your area.

For more on chromium-6, or to find out about our home water systems, speak to the pros at Kinetico today.

Hydration Tips for the Hot Summer

woman drinking water

As your go-to experts in water filtration and water softeners, we at Kinetico know how vital water becomes over the hot summer months. Hydration is especially important in the dry deserts of Utah.

Here are several tips for staying hydrated over the hot summer.

Water Bottle

Drinking water regularly is vital for summer hydration, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to carry a water bottle with you throughout the day. Keep it with you from morning until heading to bed at night, and if you want to be extra diligent, track how many times per day you refill it.

Set a Timer

For some people, proper hydration involves reprogramming the mind to develop better habits. Setting a phone or other timer for once an hour can really help – every time the timer goes off drink a small cup of water. You can adjust this technique depending on your specific needs.

Add Minerals

You need proper mineral balance to stay hydrated. Many people find success adding unrefined, raw sea salt – this increases absorption of water and helps with hydration. It can also help with adrenal and thyroid function, which brings more natural energy.

Dehydration Factors

Finally, one of the most important parts of staying hydrated over the summer involves avoiding beverages that dehydrate you. For many people, these are soft drinks, coffee and green tea – they are fine in moderation, but look to balance them with hydrating liquids.

To learn more about summer hydration or how our water purifiers can benefit you, speak to the experts at Kinetico today.

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

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At Kinetico, the primary goal of our drinking water filtration systems is to supply you and your family drinking water that’s clean and pure. In fact, the Kineitco K5 Drinking Water Station is certified to remove more impurities than any other water purifier.

In addition to tasting better, drinking pure water has several specific health benefits, let’s look at 5.

Keeps You Young

A consistent supply of pure drinking water will help you have a more youthful appearance. Proper hydration helps keep skin moisturized, and goes a long way to preventing fine lines and wrinkles on the face and in other visible areas.

On the flip side, if you don’t drink enough water – or if water isn’t pure, and contains contaminants that reduce the actual hydration effect – your body will try to retain water whenever possible to conserve resources. This makes the skin puffy, and can lead to wrinkling and bloating.

Helps Lose Weight

Pure water acts as an appetite suppressant for many people. It also prevents fluid retention, which helps you keep a slim, trim look without extra water weight.

Removes Toxins

Without enough water, the heart is forced to work harder pumping fresh, oxygenated blood to the organs. This can lead to toxin formation, and eventually to significant health issues. Proper hydration will help prevent this.

Helps Build Muscle

Staying hydrated with pure water allows muscles to work harder and longer before they become tired. Carrying pure water with you everywhere is a great way to make sure your body is never thirsty.

Improves Joint Health

Joints need moisture to remain strong and flexible, to keep movement smooth and pain free. Pure water helps keep you hydrated better than other drinks, and will help keep your joints young and strong.

To learn more about what pure drinking water can do for you, or for details on our water filtration systems, speak to the experts at Kinetico today.