Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Whole House Filtration System
Whole House Filtration System

Kinetico’s whole house water filtration systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of soft, filtered water at every tap in your home. Utah’s hard water contains unwanted minerals as well as chlorine or other pollutants that can stain clothes, cause dry skin, create objectionable odors, and ruin appliances in your home.  If you have these types of issues with your water, a Kinetico water filter or water softener just might be the answer to your water troubles.

Using a Kinetico water filtration system is the most effective way to remove the odors and unwanted pollutants from your water.  A Kinetico soft water system is not only effective at removing impurities, but it also is resource and energy efficient.  Kinetico water softeners use up to 75% less salt and water than traditional water softeners. There are no timers or computers that require maintenance and repair. Designed by the trusted provider of water filters in Utah, Kinetico systems can provide conditioned, clean, soft, filtered water from your tap 24 hours a day.

Kinetico water filtration for Salt Lake City homes can be customized to meet your household’s exact needs. Our Utah team has more than 40 years experience in providing effective water filtration systems for both culinary and well water homes. Contact Kinetico Utah today to learn more about how our whole house water filtration systems can help you and your family.

Do you know what is in your water?

Here is a list of the minerals that are in your water:

  • Carbon — Most municipal water providers add chlorine to the water to eliminate living organisms like bacteria that could be in the water. More than just making the water smell like a swimming pool, chlorine can cause dry itchy skin, rubber gaskets and o’rings in plumbing fixtures to deteriorate, and has been linked to other health issues. There is a growing body of evidence that we may actually absorb more chlorine through bathing and showering than we do through our drinking water. As a trusted provider of water filtration for Utah homes, Kinetico offers cost-effective solutions to remove the chlorine and deliver soft water to your entire family.
  • Macrolite — If you have rusty colored water that stains clothes, sinks, toilet bowls and appliances then you have iron in your water. Or if you have a lot or particulates, like dirt and sediment, Marolite is engineered to solve these problems. Macrolite is a ceramic media that was developed by Kinetico in conjunction with 3M that filters matter as small as 5 microns, or 1/16th the diameter of a human hair, from water. Macrolite is easily back washed with water, so there are no chemicals to add and doesn’t need to be changed out or replaced.
  • Calcite — Water that has low ph becomes aggressive and disolves metals from plumbing pipes and fixtures. Common signs of low ph are blue green staining where the water evaporates and fixtures that become pitted or corroded. Calcite raises the ph so the water is neutralized and these issues are eliminated.

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