5 Indications That Your Water is Hard

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5 Indications That Your Water is Hard


The water that comes through your tap might not be the best water for your skin, clothes, appliances, and pipes. The vast majority of homes in the U.S. have “hard” water filled with minerals that can take its toll on your daily life. Fortunately you don’t have to suffer the negative consequences of hard water because water softeners will reduce or eliminate the minerals that are making that water so hard. Here are five sure signs that you need a water softener system and should call a water softening company.


1: White Residue Everywhere


If everything that comes in contact with your water has a white residue on it after a while, it’s probably the result of minerals from hard water. Check out your coffee pots, pots and pans for cooking, and even your shower tiles and bathtub for signs of stains, rings, or white filmy residue. While this is generally not harmful to your health, it can make appliances and showers look dingy and dirty and is probably also harming the interior of your water using appliances and home fixtures.


2: Clothes that Still Look Dirty


If you are examining your whites after they come out of the washer and dryer and you find that they look a little gray and dingy, your washer might not be able to properly do its job because of hard water. You may even notice that stains and dirt are not coming out, despite several washings, or that your colors are starting to look a little dull over time.


3: Uncomfortable Linens


The minerals in hard water can actually have an impact on the fibers in your clothes and towels. If your previously soft shirts, sheets, and towels are starting to feel itchy and uncomfortable, it could be that they have become damaged from hard water. In many cases this is costing you a lot of money over time because you’re constantly buying new towels, linens, and clothes when your old ones feel uncomfortable and wear out.


4: Itchy Skin and Dry Hair


When you shower in hard water, soaps and shampoos leave behind what is called “soap scum”, a film that is difficult to rinse out of your hair and off your skin. This residue on your skin and hair often causes excessive dryness and may even harbor bacteria that leads to skin irritations and dry skin conditions.


5: High Repair and Water Heating Costs


The minerals in hard water vary by location, but generally include some mixture of calcium, magnesium, and iron. As they flow through your appliances and water heater, these minerals build up and can cause clogs or other water flow problems. That often means replacing appliances and fixtures because they don’t work properly, and it could also be impacting the proper operation of your water heater.


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