Banana Filters

Ripe Banana

Having a recycle-first mindset can open a person to a world of new possibilities regarding the use of everyday items they would otherwise throw away. One of the most surprising items that’s proven to have a multitude of different uses is the humble banana peel. The fruit refuse has uses as silver, leather, and plant polisher, but it can also be a water filter.

Banana Guardians

According to a report published in ACS’ Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, minced banana peels have a better performance rate in filtering away potentially toxic chemicals from water. These chemicals include lead and copper residue from mining processes, runoff farms, and industrial waste. Allowing such toxins to enter the water supply can have adverse effects on people’s health, as well as the environment.

The current methods available to large-scale industries in dealing with such threats are expensive, and can even produce toxic residue. Previous studies have shown that similar plant wastes, such as coconut fibers and peanut shells, can remove toxins from the water. This is the reason researchers hypothesized that a similar plant waste, like the banana peel, can perform a similar function.

An apparatus using the minced banana peels quickly removed metals from the contaminated water just as well as—or better than—the other materials. According to the report, the banana peels could be used up to eleven times before they start losing their metal binding properties. The team adds the economic benefits of using banana peels as a filtration alternative is a significant factor, considering its low cost.

Industrial Only

Homeowners, however, shouldn’t make the mistake of putting minced banana peels in their water supplies and expect it to become more potable. This is because banana peels can attract and bind heavy metal toxins, but can’t do the same for dirt and bacteria.

The only way copper and lead can reasonably be present in a home’s water supply – other than outside contamination – is pipe corrosion.In this case, a complete replacement of the plumbing may be a safer long-term solution. There are hundreds of different solutions for every water filtration need, and most of them are right here. Contact us today about the situation you’re facing, and we’ll work with you to find the best and simplest answer.

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