Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

RO system Salt Lake City

Choosing reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water is a smart, healthy decision. By installing an RO system, you can stop buying bottles and enjoy a fresh and clean supply of water straight from the tap.

What, exactly, makes drinking water treated by the RO process the best option? Here, we explain the many advantages of investing in a home purification system.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove Impurities

Drinking water that’s contaminated can have negative effects on your health. Install an RO system, and you’ll greatly reduce the impurities in your household supply. The semi-permeable membrane filters out the vast majority of chemical and physical contaminants as well as organic, inorganic and chemical disinfection byproducts.

Reverse Osmosis Water Has a Delicious Taste

With all of those unwanted contaminants removed by a home purification system, the drinking water flowing from your household tap will taste clean and refreshing. Many people consider RO water to be the most delicious available, and your system will provide you with a virtually unlimited supply for your entire family to enjoy.

Reverse Osmosis Water is Great for Cooking

When you cook with untreated water, it affects the taste of your food – which is why the best restaurants now use RO water in their cooking. After installing an RO system, you’ll notice a definite improvement in the flavor of your homemade soup, hot cereal, boiled pasta, rice dishes, steamed vegetables and any other foods that require water. Hot drinks like coffee and tea will also taste much better.

Reverse Osmosis Creates Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

Impurities and contaminants make for white, cloudy ice cubes – and they melt rather fast. When you use RO water to make ice, however, you get cubes that are clear. They look fantastic in drinks, which is perfect for anyone who likes fancy cocktails, and since clear ice melts more slowly than those that are cloudy, they’ll keep your beverages cooler for longer.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Pay for Themselves

You already know how expensive bottled water is, and if you buy it all the time, you can end up spending hundreds every year. Install an RO system, and you’ll be paying just pennies for each gallon of drinking water. The savings are huge, and by freeing you from buying bottles, your purification system will pay for itself in almost no time.

To get the biggest benefits from RO drinking water, you need a high-quality system – and that means turning to Kinetico Utah.

Our state-of-the-art purification systems deliver a constant flow from the tap and outperform others out on the market in many ways. Plus, we offer an industry-leading warranty on our RO systems.

For more information on our purification technology, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss installation of a reverse osmosis drinking water system at your Salt Lake City area home, reach out to Kinetico Utah today.

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