What to Look for Before Buying a Water Softener

Hot steaming running tap water is pouring out of a stainless steel kitchen faucet.

If you are beginning to notice the detrimental signs of hard water in your home—everything from soap scum buildup on your shower walls to dry, itchy skin, spots or film on glasses and dishware and faded clothing, a water softener is a great idea to improve the quality of your water. Today there are so many choices when it comes to water softeners, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your family. Use these criteria to figure out which one you want in your home.


1: Know What You Need to Fix


Before you can figure out which water softener to purchase, you need to determine what exactly is in your water. Getting the water tested for common contaminants can ensure that you get the right solution for the problems that you have.


2: Pay Attention to the Details


The efficiency of your system often depends on more than just a brand name. Check to make sure that your water softener includes quality components, which will last a lot longer and require less frequent replacement or repair,  saving  a lot of money over the life of your water softener. When you have poor quality components, it often results in wasted water and salt, which increase your operating costs.


3: Purchase the Correct Size


Water softeners, like water heaters, come in different sizes. The correct size is generally dependent on the number of people that are living in your home, how much water you use, and the level of water hardness. Purchasing a too-small system will cause excess wear and tear and you’ll have to replace it sooner.


4: Think About Price and Quality


Everyone wants to get a great deal on a water softener, but going with the cheapest option isn’t always best. Consider both the price and the quality of the water softener to ensure that you get one that fits your budget, but will also last a long time and provide you with the right level of soft water, as well as a good warranty. A quality softener will also keep maintenance costs down, reducing costs over the life of your water softener.


Purchasing the right water softener means doing your research and getting the one that fits your needs perfectly, while removing all the minerals and other deposits in your water. Talk to Kinetico in Utah to find out more.