Skin Benefits of Soft Water

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There are several reasons why soft water can be more beneficial to skin than hard water, and there are plenty of reasons to try and avoid hard water on the skin altogether. Let’s look at the effects soft and hard water have on your skin.

Effects of Hard Water on Skin

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, minerals which make it more difficult for water and soap to dissolve effectively.  Leaving a scummy residue just like you’ll see on sinks, shower doors or fixtures.

This same residue clogs your pores, and can cause several skin conditions – studies have shown that children in areas with hard water are 50 percent more likely to suffer from eczema. Hard water can cause the natural oils in pores to be trapped and form blemishes or pimples, and it can even affect the way skin ages. Many people find hard water causes them to have dry, irritated skin, and wrinkles over time.

Effects of Soft Water on Skin

Soap easily dissolves into soft water forming a sudsy lather; one that easily rinses away and doesn’t clog pores. Soft water requires less soap be used when washing, and often allows people to stop purchasing lotions to counter the effects of dry skin caused by hard water.

Slippery Vs. Squeaky Clean

People who have spent their whole lives bathing using hard water will often associate the “squeaky clean” feeling they get after a shower with true cleanliness. These same people take a shower in soft water, and assume the slick or silky feeling on their skin means they aren’t actually getting clean.

In reality, this is backwards. That slick feeling on the skin is how the skin is supposed to feel, and that squeaky clean feel actually might be soap scum, dead skin and dirt that wasn’t washed away. That slippery feel means that natural oils haven’t been stripped from your skin, and are able to do their jobs.

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