On the assumption that you are a present-day traveler, we highly recommend a visit to Ogden, Utah. But if you’re a time-traveler, we’d caution you against going there between 100 and 150 years ago. Back then, Ogden was a scary place with a well-deserved reputation for being one of America’s most dangerous cities. Gambling, prostitution, drugs, robbery, rape, and murder were all but de rigueur, prompting  Western Galaxy magazine to predict in 1888 that Ogden would “become the Chicago en miniature of the Intermountain region.” The statement proved prophetic. By the 1920s, no less than Al Capone allegedly said he wouldn’t dare walk Ogden’s streets alone.

Native American tribes had established themselves in the Ogden area long before its infamous, rough-and-tumble days. These included Great Salt Lake Fremonts, Northern Shoshones, and Goshutes. In 1846, European trappers founded Fort Buenaventura in what is now western Ogden. About a year later, arriving Mormon pioneers purchased the fort and surrounding area for $1,950 or, in today’s dollars, about $75,000.

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But, as noted above, today’s Ogden—including historic 25th Street—is delightful. When you visit, be sure to check out Weber State University, the Ogden River Parkway, and the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park.

About the only not so delightful thing about Ogden is its water, which is very, very hard. By “very, very hard” we mean “loaded with abrasive, clumping microscopic particles that ruin appliances, especially water heaters, which, as you might imagine, are not cheap to replace.” At the same time, hard water particles bond with soap, caking scum onto dishes, shower and tub, and your skin.

Luckily, Kinetico water softeners are more than equal to the task of softening Ogden’s water. Even better, they get the job done using two-thirds less salt than competing models and using no electricity at all. They’re rugged, so they last years and work ’round the clock, even if your power goes out.

No wonder Kinetico water softeners are so popular in Ogden. If your neighbors have great soft water, don’t be surprised if you learn that the reason is a Kinetico water softener.

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