How to Eliminate Scale Buildup on Showers, Faucets & Fixtures

How to prevent scale buildup from hard water

In Utah, hard water is to blame for the constant proliferation of scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures, faucets and in the shower.

As annoying as these problems are, imagine all the areas that you can’t see, like inside your water-using home appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Eliminating scale buildup takes a constant effort and a fair amount of elbow grease, unless you’re inclined to use potentially harsh chemicals. If you want to banish this problem forever – and relieve the pressure it puts on your water-using appliances and plumbing system – consider installing a whole-home water softener system.

What Is Scale Buildup?

The high mineral content of our northern Utah water causes a myriad of problems. When exposed to the surfactants in soaps and detergents, the minerals disengage from the water and form a substance that we know as scale (sometimes called limescale).

The effects of scale accumulation can be seen throughout your house in the form of tile discoloration, a white hazy appearance on shower glass and the telltale white grit that forms on metal plumbing fixtures. You also see its effects on clogged shower heads and rings in toilet bowls.

What you also may not see with your eyes are the effects that scale has on your skin, hair, laundry, dishes and anything else you try to clean.

How Can You Get Rid of Scale Buildup?

If you experience this phenomenon at your home, you already know the challenges of cleaning scale buildup.

Some natural cleaning experts recommend using a light acid, such as lemon juice or white vinegar, to tackle these stains. You can also use a cleaning product meant for dealing with calcium deposits, limescale and rust. However, these products – including the natural options – can cause skin irritation.
In some cases, you can scrub, wipe and clean for eternity and not make any progress. On shower glass, for example, limescale can actually cause microscopic etching in the glass surface. That damage is permanent, leaving a hazy, cloudy surface in its wake.

And, as tempted as you might be to try eradicating scale with an abrasive cleanser or cleaning pad, you’ll only damage the surface you’re working on, in most cases.

Preventing Scale Buildup Solves Your Challenges

The most effective, long-term solution to scale problems is prevention.

Water softener systems remove the calcium and magnesium from your water so you don’t get the buildup, dry skin and spotting throughout your home.

Kinetico serves customers throughout northern Utah, including the Salt Lake City metro area, Provo, Bountiful and Ogden. We specialize in advanced water treatment options, including whole-home softening and filtration systems. Our innovative systems are long-lasting, highly effective and affordable. And, as they don’t use electricity, you never have to worry about having a bountiful supply of soft, healthy water.

Contact Kinetico today to schedule your personal consultation water testing. We look forward to helping you banish scale buildup forever at your Utah home or business.

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