How Drinking Water Makes You More Effective at Work

glass of water

As employees and managers alike, we’re always looking for ways to improve our efficiency. People try all sorts of things to boost productivity when one of the simplest and best solutions is to drink more pure, healthy water.

Many people don’t realize how good water is for both the mind and body, and how drinking enough water can benefit you at work. Here are three areas where the benefit is clearly shown.

Physical Fitness

Feeling physically well is something we’re capable of, whether you’re a high-level athlete or not – and water plays a big role. A body that is properly hydrated is able to function at peak capacity, with benefits ranging from better breathing all the way to softer more full looking skin. If all you had to do to achieve better physical health is drink eight cups of water per day, would you?

Focus and Concentration

Many people feel tired at work, and look to pick-me-ups like coffee or other caffeinated drinks. In reality, this can cause its own set of issues – these beverages can dehydrate you, and this dehydration is often the primary cause of tiredness in the first place.

Research has indicated that people who are dehydrated have memory, concentration and even mood issues, on top of higher risks for anxiety. Drinking plenty of water to avoid this dehydration can help more than you might think.

Overall Energy Level

Coffee and similar caffeinated drinks can have side effects beyond dehydration, many go through a “crash” when the sugar and caffeine wear off – this slows down circulation and causes the body to naturally begin conserving energy. Choosing water helps restore proper circulation, which brings more oxygen into the blood and gets your energy level back up.

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