Soft Water or RO: What’s Best for Your Houseplants?

RO systems vs water softeners

The benefits of soft water are undeniable. After installing a softener, you can look forward to having healthier skin, getting suds with much less soap, extending the lifespan of your appliances and saving money on your monthly energy bills.

But how will the softened water affect your houseplants? Is it safe for them to drink?

Yes, but as any gardener knows, certain varieties can be extra sensitive. Here’s what you need to consider if you’re planning on installing a softening system.

Softeners Don’t Add Salt to Your Water

Most softening systems use salt. However, that doesn’t mean they provide you with salty water to use.

Salt contains sodium. And the salt you add to the softener tank gets broken down for its sodium – the element has a positive charge, so it attracts and removes the negatively charged calcium and magnesium molecules responsible for your household’s hard water.

As only a trace amount of sodium remains in soft water, you can safely use what flows from your taps for watering your houseplants. Chances are, you won’t notice any ill effects.

Keeping Your Houseplants Happy

The tiny amount of sodium in soft water can gradually build up in potting soil, and that may cause sensitive plant varieties to suffer stunted growth.

If you’re concerned about soft water being too hard on your houseplants, opt for an alternate solution:

  • Collect rainwater or melt snow and use it for watering
  • Purchase distilled, purified or spring water for your plants
  • Use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride pellets in your softener tank

You can also give your houseplants water from a reverse osmosis system – and installing one along with a softener can be a smart investment.

Invest in a Reverse Osmosis System

The reverse osmosis process greatly reduces the contaminants in your household water. The result is a supply that’s nearly pure – and that allows you to easily control the pH level and create balanced nutrient solutions for plants in need of special care.

Plus, with a reverse osmosis system, you’ll have an in-house supply of great-tasting drinking water. No more buying bottled water at the grocery store brings big savings, and system maintenance is a breeze.

If you install both a softener and a reverse osmosis system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of soft water and have purified drinking water that’s safe for both your family and your houseplants. Furthermore, because a softening system eliminates the calcium and magnesium molecules from your household supply, it will significantly extend the already long lifespan of your reverse osmosis unit.

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