Water Softening Systems & Warranties: What You Need to Know

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So, you’re thinking of investing in a water softener. As you research your options for water softening systems, warranty coverage is one of the many important details to consider.

The warranties offered by the various water softener manufacturers are not all alike. You need to make sure the product you choose comes with sufficient coverage – you don’t want the warranty to fall short if your softening system experiences a problem.

To make the task of comparing warranties for water softening systems a little easier, the following guide explains the essentials.

Standard Warranties for Water Softeners

Though many manufacturers stand behind their water softeners, most have a limited warranty window of one year on parts – and only on certain parts. Exclusions are common, and the components that are more likely to break down may not be covered. And keep in mind, warranties typically do not include labor charges for repairs.

Some manufacturers, including Kinetico, offer extended warranty coverage for the softener tanks. This is a definite benefit, but these components are usually not the cause of softening system problems.

Water Softener Warranty Requirements

In many cases, manufacturers have specific guidelines on water softener installation. For the warranty to be valid, the softening system must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Generally, this means that the softener must be appropriate for the household water conditions and that the installation must meet all applicable local codes. And to maintain the validity of the warranty, any servicing of the softening system needs to be completed as the manufacturer directs.

Why Kinetico Warranties are Stronger than Others

Kinetico offers impressive warranty coverage on our water softening systems – we’re proud of the fact that our warranties are among the best in the industry.

Our coverage is better than what you’ll find with our competitors. Our Premier Series™ water softeners, for example, come with a 10-year warranty on all parts. That includes the ion exchange resin, the filtration media, the bypass valves and prefilter assemblies, assuming normal maintenance requirements are met.

In addition, if you decide to move, you can transfer the warranty to the new homeowner. Or, you can have the softening system moved to your new residence and the coverage will continue. Plus, with Kinetico, you can look forward to having a warranty with no fine print. We keep our warranties clear and easy to read – you can tell at a glance exactly what’s covered.

Do you have questions? Or are you interested in learning more about what Kinetico water softeners have to offer? For details on our warranties for water softening systems, or to schedule a free consultation and estimate, contact our Draper, Utah, office today.


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  1. Our unit w/ 10 yr warranty that was put in 8 years ago and we were told by a service rep. Our system was ñot working and it would cost us over a $1000 to rebuild or replace. We were told that it was because the çity had added chem. To
    Our wàter & we would have to pay for fixing!

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