The Costliest Water Damage Happening in Your Home


The idea of water damage is frightening for any homeowner, especially those who have experienced the destruction and long-term problems that can occur from things like flooding. However, there is another type of water damage that could be impacting your home and is much, much harder to detect because it’s happening inside your pipes: hard water damage.

The Basics of Hard Water

The two most common minerals found in water are calcium and magnesium, and while many people take these supplements to keep their bodies healthy, having them inside your water isn’t necessarily the best way to get them in your diet. For the most part, hard water that contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals is not necessarily bad for your health, but it could be very bad for your plumbing.

Bathroom Fixtures

Perhaps the most noticeable damage from hard water is the stuff you see on your appliances and fixtures. Homes that have hard water will generally start to see a “buildup” of calcium and magnesium around the edges of faucets, on the shower, and perhaps around sinks and bathtubs as well. Unfortunately traditional cleaning supplies generally are not enough to get rid of this buildup, and if you wait too long, the only solution will be to replace your fixtures and shower heads.

Plumbing Pipes

Another type of hard water damage that you won’t see is inside your pipes. When hard water minerals and deposits harden inside the pipes they can cause blockages that are not easy to get out. Traditional drain cleaners won’t fix them, and in most cases you will need to hire a professional plumber to come and remove it. There are some plumbing fixtures that are less prone to damage than others, but the best way to avoid this type of damage is just to get soft water.

Appliance Damage

Finally, hard water minerals can cause serious and significant damage to your appliances. Water is essential for things like your dishwasher and washing machine, but when the pipes and inner parts of the appliance get clogged with hard water deposits, not only will your appliances be running far less efficiently and costing you more, but it might also be causing unseen damage that will wear out the appliance sooner. The end result is that you either have to pay for expensive repairs or just buy new appliances.

Rather than dealing with these costs, talk to Kinetico in Utah today to find out more about the benefits that soft water can provide. In addition to making your skin and hair feel softer, it can save you a lot of scrubbing and harsh chemical use when cleaning your bathroom fixtures, and can prevent some of the costly unseen damage to your pipes and appliances.

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