Anti-Aging Benefits of Drinking Water

woman drinking water

In today’s modern age, people are looking for ways to stop the inevitable progression of aging. People use everything from creams and serums to alternative medicines, but they often overlook one of the simplest anti-aging remedies available: Drink more water.

At Kinetico, we’re dedicated to providing highest quality drinking water. How can clean water from a water purifier help reduce the effects of aging and help you maintain beauty? Let’s take a look.

Hydrated Skin

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to keep the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will look younger and have a “glow”. In addition, water also helps fill in and plum the skin, which helps get rid of undesirable wrinkles and lines that may form in the skin. Skin appearance is one of the first signs of aging, so this is a valuable benefit of drinking water.

Redness and Acne Reduction

Cold water on the face has been proven to help reduce redness and the visual appearance of acne. Follow the simple process of first washing with warm water to open the pores in the face and follow that with a cold cloth over the skin. This will seal those same pores right back up and prevent clogging that can lead to acne.

Hair Growth

Drinking water triggers the circulatory system, which controls hair follicle stimulation which can enhance hair growth – some people who have growth issues can find benefits simply from drinking more water.


Another area the circulatory system controls is the growth of nails. More water will increase blood flow to the nails and make them grow stronger and healthier.

Toxin Flush

Water also helps flush toxins out of the body, and can help with skin appearance. Water intake can be one of the most significant factors in skin appearance for many people.

For more on how clean drinking water can benefit your anti-aging remedies, or to learn about our water filtration system, speak to the experts at Kinetico today.

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