Drinking Water Filtration System vs. Bottled Water: Which Is Best?

Home water filtration in Utah

Should you invest in a drinking water filtration system? Or is buying bottled water the best way to go?

As water treatment specialists, we’re obviously in favor of the first approach. But, we have several good reasons for recommending home filtration over bottled water. Once you see how the two options for drinking water compare, you’ll understand our opinion.


Bottled water may not be any purer or safer than what flows through the taps. And because the companies that produce it aren’t required to issue annual quality reports, you really don’t know what contaminants it may contain.

With a filtration system, you can ensure every glass your family consumes is fresh, clean and safe. The filter will trap impurities, leaving you with the highest quality drinking water.


Sure, grabbing a bottle out of the fridge is easy. And, you can buy bottled water just about everywhere, which does make it convenient.

That said, having a drinking water filtration system at your home is even more convenient – getting a glass is as simple as turning on the faucet. Plus, you’ll have a safe supply for use in cooking. Using bottles for that purpose would be rather expensive…which brings us to our next point.


Bottled water isn’t very budget-friendly. Each bottle might only cost a dollar or two, but if you’re drinking as much as you should, that can add up to hundreds of dollars every month.

A home filtration system does require an upfront investment. But because it can produce great-tasting, high-quality drinking water for just pennies a gallon, the purchase will pay for itself rather quickly. And if you invest in the right system, like one from Kinetico, it can last for twenty years.


The environmental cost is one of the biggest downsides to bottled water. Packaging and transporting it uses a large amount of fossil fuels, and most bottles end up in landfills.

A drinking water filtration system is a far more eco-friendly option. By not throwing away countless plastic bottles every month, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you choose an efficient system – like those made by Kinetico.

Have we convinced you to forgo the bottled water and opt for home filtration? If you live in Salt Lake City or the surrounding northern Utah area and you’re ready to explore your options, call on the professional team at Kinetico Utah.

At Kinetico, a decades-long industry leader, we’re known for providing innovative water treatment solutions. We also have a reputation for exceptional customer service, and we’re happy to answer your questions, offer expert advice and help you find the best solution for your northern Utah home.

For more information on our drinking water filtration systems, contact our Draper, Utah, office and schedule a free consultation today.

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