How Long Will a New Water Softener Last?

Utah water softener

A new water softener is a smart investment, as the appliance can pay for itself in as little as a year. Beyond that, a softening system will continue to save you money in monthly energy bills – and by having one, you’ll spend less on soap, detergent, clothes and textiles. Plus, your plumbing pipes and household appliance won’t need to be repaired or replaced nearly as often.

But how long will you get to enjoy these savings?

No one can predict exactly how many years a new water softener will last, but with today’s advanced technology, softening systems can provide decades of trouble-free operation. With traditional models, however, the lifespan isn’t quite as impressive.

Longevity of a New Water Softener

Traditional single-tank softening systems generally last about 10 years – at most. They can fail sooner, and that’s often the case in homes with extremely hard water.

A high-tech water softener, on the other hand, can easily remain in good working order for twice as long. And a system designed by Kinetico can continue to function for 30 years or more.

Water Softening System Maintenance

For the longest possible lifespan, softening systems require some regular care – and the amount of attention you’ll need to give your softener depends upon the type you install.

With a traditional model, you may have to run down to the basement to reset the electronic controls quite frequently. And as the computerized component is finicky, it’ll likely need to be replaced at some point – and the part doesn’t come cheap.

If you install a top-quality water softener, like those engineered by Kinetico, you won’t have much to maintain. There are no filters to change, and since the system doesn’t use electricity, it doesn’t have any electronic controls to set.

Importance of an Annual Service Call

Servicing your water softening system on a yearly basis is the best way to ensure it remains in peak condition for as long as possible.

During an annual service visit, a water treatment professional can sanitize the softener, optimize the settings, inspect the appliance for potential issues and test the quality of your household water supply. By scheduling a yearly service appointment, you’ll extend the lifespan of your new water softener, thereby protecting your investment.

Are you planning to install a water softening system? Turn to Kinetico Utah, a trusted industry leader known for high-quality, innovative water treatment systems. We’ve been helping homeowners eliminate their hard water problems for over 30 years, and our products com with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

For more information, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss water softener installation with the Kinetico Utah team, contact our Draper office today.

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