How Soft Water Benefits Detergent Usage

soft water

At Kinetico, we’re proud to provide water filtration systems and expertise that will help you and your family receive clean, healthy water at all times. Our technicians have decades of experience in the field of water decontamination and filtration.

We’re also a top provider of water softener systems, which take hard minerals present in water and remove them to give you a cleaner, less abrasive liquid. And that isn’t the only benefit of a water softener – did you realize that a water softener can also save you major costs when it comes to your yearly laundry and detergent costs? Let’s look at how a water softener saves you soap and detergent costs while also making your water more drinkable and comfortable to bathe in.

Basic Detergent Statistics

You might be surprised at how much a water softener can reduce your home’s detergent use. According to the Water Quality Association, a water softener in the home can reduce detergent use by up to 50 percent – that’s right, half your detergent use can be eliminated just by installing a water softener to remove minerals that might soak up detergent.

Water Considerations

The temperature of water you use might also play a role here. The WQA found that washing clothes using roughly half your usual amount of detergent plus soft, cold water is just as effective at removing stains as a full dose of detergent in hard, hot water – or even more so, in some cases. You also save energy by using cold water, which doesn’t force you to stress your water heater during the wash.

Dishwasher Factors

When it comes to the dishwasher, similar trends abound. Research has shown that areas with hard water can find the same cleaning results by using half the amount of soap, along with water that’s been passed through a water softener in advance.

For more on how a water softener can benefit you, or to learn about any of our water filtration systems or services, speak to the pros at Kinetico today.

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