Importance of Water Softeners in Hotels

Water Softeners

For many homeowners, a water softener is nothing short of a blessing. Soft water is beneficial to both people and the home’s plumbing system, and is a fantastic investment for the homeowner who cares about their water quality.

At Kinetico, however, we’re here to tell you that residential needs are far from the only ones filled by water softeners. We have water softener systems for commercial buildings as well. Let’s look at some of the ways a water softening system can benefit a hotel, from the guests to the owners.

Owner Investment and Costs

Hotel owners and managers invest in water softeners for multiple reasons: Because they increase guest comfort, of course, but also because they help with the bottom line. Hard water creates issues in plumbing systems, particularly in large industrial systems like hotels that see lots of strain on a daily basis – water filled with minerals leads to fixture failures and issues with water heaters. Showers and faucets also require a lot more cleaning to keep them looking nice.

From a cost perspective, soft water is extremely beneficial for big plumbing operations like these. It reduces operating costs in numerous ways, from requiring less soap in laundry to keeping towels and linens soft and usable for longer periods of time.

Guest Laundry

Guests often pay a premium for hotel services, and they expect everything they receive to reflect this. This includes areas like laundry – guests don’t want towels that are stiff or dingy looking, but rather soft and fresh towels that feel like new. They also want fresh sheets to sleep on, and hotels need to be able to provide these services without breaking the bank. Soft water can save hotels nearly 50 percent on their detergent costs and get the same, or better, results than when using hard water.

Guest Comfort

Laundry isn’t the only guest-related area where water treatment makes a big improvement. Guests also bath or shower and shave using the water in their rooms and are really turned off when they notice hard water stains on plumbing fixtures or in shower stalls.

To learn more about how water softeners benefit hotels and other commercial buildings, or for information on any of our water filtration systems, speak to the staff at Kinetico today.

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