Soft Water May Help These Skin Conditions

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It’s no secret that Utah has some of the hardest water to be found. It comes from all the minerals in the rocks we have here. And although the rocks are beautiful, these minerals in the water can wreak havoc in a variety of ways, and one of them is with your skin. Kinetico supplies homes in northern Utah with water softener systems to improve your health and your home’s functions.

Soft Water Helps Dry Skin

Many people are plagued by dry skin, especially in the wintertime in Utah. Humidity is at an all-time low, and the cold can cause chapped skin and rashes. What can make this problem even worse is hard water. The minerals in hard water coat the skin, interfering with your body’s natural lubrication system. This coating also is a barrier to moisturizers, lotions and hair conditioner, leaving you with dry, flaky, itchy skin and a scalp to match.

Soft Water and Eczema

Numerous studies have been done to test the effects of hard water and eczema. Eczema causes very dry skin which can lead to redness, scaling, blisters and even infection. It is not limited to the dry winter months either — it can strike at any time. One theory is that hard water actually causes eczema to develop, but that has not yet been proven. While the list of triggers for eczema is long and includes common allergens, the bottom line is that soft water is more soothing and less irritating to dry skin.

Soft Water and Psoriasis

Although it has not been proven, many people with psoriasis report that they only developed their condition after moving from an area with soft water to an area with hard water. The exact cause of psoriasis is not known; however, it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder.

Psoriasis is characterized by very dry skin that flakes off and can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Since hard water worsens dryness, it is believed that soft water is better for those with psoriasis.

Soft Water Can Improve Acne

Dermatologists recommend those with acne-prone skin wash with soft water. While hard water is not usually the sole cause of acne, it can definitely make it worse. While many people with acne spend time trying to dry out their oily skin because they believe this will improve their acne, it sometimes does the opposite.

When skin is too dry, oil production goes into overdrive to compensate. In the presence of hard water, pores can become clogged by the barrier left on the skin coupled with increased oil production. If you want to test this theory, try washing your face with purified or distilled bottled water for a month to see if your acne improves.

Get a Water Softener for Your Utah Home

Even if you don’t have a skin condition, getting a water softener for your Utah home today may help prevent you or your family members from developing one in the future. To learn more about getting a water softener, contact Kinetico today. We serve Herriman, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, Provo, Tooele and the surrounding areas.

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