Buying a Home? Contact a Water Treatment Professional First

Soft water assessment in Utah

If you’ve found your dream Utah home, you’d be wise to arrange for an assessment from a water treatment professional before you finalize the purchase.

Sure, you may be scheduling a professional home inspection to get an accurate account of the property’s condition. The problem is, water quality testing and an analysis of any existing water treatment equipment may not be included. Getting that done is in your best interests, as the results will help you make informed decisions about your pending Utah home purchase.

Why Test Water Quality Before Buying a Home

A range of variables can have an impact on water quality – and you’ll want to know that the supply at your new home is safe.

Whether the property has a private well or uses the municipal supply, the water could contain contaminants, pollutants and bacteria. Hard water minerals may also be present. Due to the potential costs of dealing with quality issues, this is must-have information for any homebuyer – and an expert in water treatment can shed light on the situation.

Why You Need a Water Treatment Professional

If the home you plan on purchasing has treatment equipment in place, you’ll want to make sure it’s operating effectively. And if the owner didn’t install a purification or softening system, you’ll need to explore your options.

A water treatment professional can tell you everything you need to know, which could work to your advantage when negotiating with the home seller. You can request that they make system upgrades or install a new softener and purification system, if you like. Or, you could ask for a price reduction to allow you to cover the costs. Either way, you won’t face unexpected expenses related to water quality after you move into your dream home.

Installing Water Treatment Equipment at Your New Home

If you’re competing with other bidders, skipping professional inspections of any kind might make your offer more attractive to the home seller. In the event you end up getting the house, you’ll want to make water treatment a priority.

The good news? While installing treatment equipment like a water softener or reverse osmosis system is an upfront expense, it’s also a worthwhile investment. After installation, you’ll know that your household supply is the best it can be – and over time, the systems will more than pay for themselves.

For expert advice in Salt Lake City and the surrounding northern Utah area, homebuyers and homeowners turn to the professional team at Kinetico. We’d be happy to provide water quality testing at your dream home and inspect any treatment systems that are in place.

At Kinetico, we’re known for offering innovative, high-quality water softeners and purification systems at affordable prices. And, you won’t find another northern Utah company more dedicated to customer service. To schedule a consultation with an experienced water treatment professional, contact us today.

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