Why a Home Water Filtration System Beats Drinking Bottled Water

Drinking water filtration options in Utah

Is bottled water always on your grocery list? If so, you should consider installing a home filtration system.

Sure, you can get great-tasting drinking water either way it goes – but taste isn’t all that matters. Check out the following, and you’ll see why ditching the bottled water for a filtration system at your northern Utah home is in your best interests. 

Clean & Safe Drinking Water

Install a home filtration system, and every glass of water that your family gets from the tap will be free of impurities. You can count on having drinking water that is fresh, clean and safe.

As for the safety and purity of bottled water, that’s a mystery. Companies that produce it aren’t obligated to issue regular quality reports, so you aren’t going to know if the bottles you buy contain any contaminants. 

Household Convenience

Bottled water is undeniably convenient – stores everywhere sell it, and keeping a supply in the fridge makes it easy to grab a cold drink at any time.

How does a filtration system compare? Getting your drinking water straight from the tap is just as convenient as grabbing a bottle from the fridge. Beyond that, if you opt for home filtration, you’ll have plenty of safe water for use in cooking.

Investment Really Pays Off

Home filtration system installation does require an upfront investment. However, the project pays for itself in almost no time, as these systems produce safe, high-quality drinking water for just a few pennies per gallon. And, the best systems – like those from Kinetico – can provide trouble-free operation for decades.

Buying bottled drinking water is more of a burden than an investment. While each bottle might set you back only a buck or two, the cost of supplying your household each month can amount to hundreds of dollars. 

Eco-Friendly Solution

Think about how many plastic bottles you throw away every month. Most end up in landfills, where they can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Add in the large amount of fossil fuels used in packaging and transporting, and it’s clear that bottled water has a high environmental cost.

Install a home drinking water filtration system, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. High-quality systems, like those made by Kinetico, are extremely efficient – and, of course, you’ll no longer be tossing countless plastic bottles in the trash every month.

Are you ready to explore your home filtration options? If you live in Salt Lake City or the greater northern Utah area, the professional team at Kinetico Utah is here to help.

Kinetico is known for developing innovative water treatment products of the highest quality, and we’re proud to have a reputation for both superior customer service and competitive pricing. Contact our office in Draper, Utah, and schedule a free consultation to discuss installing a home water filtration system today.

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