Soft Water or RO: What’s Best for Your Houseplants?

The benefits of soft water are undeniable. After installing a softener, you can look forward to having healthier skin, getting suds with much less soap, extending the lifespan of your appliances and saving money on your monthly energy bills. But how will the softened water affect your houseplants? Is it safe for them to drink?

Water Softening Systems & Warranties: What You Need to Know

So, you’re thinking of investing in a water softener. As you research your options for water softening systems, warranty coverage is one of the many important details to consider. The warranties offered by the various water softener manufacturers are not all alike. You need to make sure the product you choose comes with sufficient coverage

Do Magnetic Water Softeners Work?

For homeowners in Utah, installing a water softener can be a necessity. Without a softening system, our region’s hard water can lead to a number of problems, including soap scum residue, limescale build-up, pipe corrosion, and damage to the plumbing. Manufacturers are marketing magnetic water softeners as alternatives to traditional systems. And to anyone looking

How a Water Softener Saves You Money

Hard water is hard on your wallet – and if you want to save money, installing a water softener is a smart plan. Sure, a softening system comes with an upfront cost. However, due to the savings it provides, a softener quickly pays for itself. Great news, but how is that possible? Many of our

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Softener?

Traditional water softeners typically last about 10 years. So, if yours was installed over a decade ago, replacing it could be a smart move. However, systems can fail sooner, particularly when they’re tasked with softening extremely hard water. Since no one can predict exactly how long your softener will continue to work as expected, it’s

Do You Have Hard or Soft Water? Try This Easy Test

Soft water allows your appliances to operate efficiently, which helps them last longer. You can also use much less dish and laundry detergent if your home has softened water, and you won’t have scale buildup in your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Plus, your skin will be smoother and your hair will be more manageable. Clearly,

Why Choose a Kinetico Water Softener System?

A water softener system eliminates issues with soap scum and lime scale, boosts the efficiency of your appliances and even keeps you from dealing with dingy clothing and dry skin. But all softening systems are not created equal. If you live in Utah, choosing a Kinetico water softener is in your best interest. Here’s why

How Much Does a Water Softener Cost?

The cost to install a water softener varies widely, totaling anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The lower-priced softeners might seem attractive at first glance, as everyone likes (and needs) to save money. However, going with the cheapest option is rarely the best way to provide your family with clean, soft water.

Does Your Water Softener Need Repair?

Water softener systems work magic at your home or business, especially with the challenges posed by northern Utah’s notoriously hard water. When something goes wrong with a softening or filtration system, however, it can be difficult to determine what the problem is. In fact, you may not even know you have a problem until you

How to Eliminate Scale Buildup on Showers, Faucets & Fixtures

In Utah, hard water is to blame for the constant proliferation of scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures, faucets and in the shower. As annoying as these problems are, imagine all the areas that you can’t see, like inside your water-using home appliances and plumbing fixtures. Eliminating scale buildup takes a constant effort and a