Soft Water vs. Hard Water: What Makes Them Different?

Water – the fundamental necessity of life. It is easy to assume that all water is created equal, especially when we use it for daily tasks such as cleaning, bathing, and drinking. However, you may have heard of hard and soft water and might be wondering about the differences between the two. The truth is

5 Benefits of a Water Softener

Investing in a product, such as a water softener, requires careful consideration of the benefits it can provide. It’s essential to comprehend how a water softener can be advantageous and make your daily activities much easier. Knowing the advantages of soft water is essential to making a wise purchase decision. Adding a water softener to

4 Signs You Need a Water Softener

In Utah, our water is considered hard, especially compared to other areas of the country. Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of minerals, chiefly calcium and magnesium. But not everyone is aware of the effects of hard water. They may believe their skin problems and other issues are due to another cause.

How Do You Maintain a Water Softener?

If you’re considering buying a water softener, you may wonder how much maintenance it requires and if it’s difficult to do. The answer is, thankfully, that although water softeners do require some maintenance, it’s minimal and usually easily accomplished by the homeowner. When Kinetico installs water softeners in Utah, we ensure that homeowners know everything

Soft Water May Help These Skin Conditions

It’s no secret that Utah has some of the hardest water to be found. It comes from all the minerals in the rocks we have here. And although the rocks are beautiful, these minerals in the water can wreak havoc in a variety of ways, and one of them is with your skin. Kinetico supplies homes

Is Water Softener Necessary?

Wondering if a water softener is necessary in your Utah home? Hard water dries skin and hair, shortens the life span and effectiveness of appliances and plumbing fixtures, and leaves a build up on shower stalls and dishes. So while there are no state regulations mandating water softeners, many Utah residents choose to get them

Environmental Benefits of Water Purification Systems

When considering water filters or purification systems for any part of their homes or buildings, many people naturally consider the individual benefits first and foremost. Beyond the improved taste and health-related benefits that come to individual users of a water purification system, however, there’s another key plus area to consider as well: Environmental benefits. At

Is Water Softener Water Safe to Drink?

When homeowners in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area are considering getting a water softener for their home, some of them wonder if it will impact their drinking water. Is water softener water safe to drink? Will it taste different? The team at Kinetico has answers for you. What Is Soft Water? Soft water is

Water Softener Repair or Replacement – How to Decide

Should you look into water softener repair? Or would replacing your softening system be a smarter choice? Many homeowners in Salt Lake City and the surrounding northern Utah area have hard water, but a traditional water softener should last 8-10 years. That may not be the case for yours, however, as your household usage and

Reverse Osmosis Systems vs. Pitcher Water Filters

When you first consider your options for fresh, clean-tasting water at your Utah home, you may lean toward getting a pitcher water filter rather than a reverse osmosis system. This is understandable, as pitcher filters are easy to use and cheap to buy. However, relying on a pitcher to filter your drinking water may not