Hard Water and Your Skin

Numerous factors can contribute to common skin conditions like acne, dryness, itchiness and even wrinkles that may be impacting your family.   One factor many don’t consider is the effect hard water can have on our skin. The vast majority of the water in the U.S. is hard, which means it has a high mineral content

What is Hard Water and Soft Water

If you are wondering what is hard water or what is soft water and how can you tell the difference keep reading.   Hard water contains high levels of calcium and/or magnesium which leave white stains on plumbing fixtures, cause dry skin and soap to not lather and work properly. Soft water, on the other hand,

Sodium and Soft Water Basics

A common question for families considering installing a water softener is “how much salt does a water softener add to my drinking water?” Particularly those who suffer from high blood pressure are concerned about adding sodium to their diet. Is this concern justified? Let’s look at the true amounts of sodium in soft water –

Hydration Tips for the Hot Summer

As your go-to experts in water filtration and water softeners, we at Kinetico know how vital water becomes over the hot summer months. Hydration is especially important in the dry deserts of Utah. Here are several tips for staying hydrated over the hot summer. Water Bottle Drinking water regularly is vital for summer hydration, and

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

At Kinetico, the primary goal of our drinking water filtration systems is to supply you and your family drinking water that’s clean and pure. In fact, the Kineitco K5 Drinking Water Station is certified to remove more impurities than any other water purifier. In addition to tasting better, drinking pure water has several specific health

Hard Water Detection Methods in the Home

At Kinetico Utah, our water softeners are designed to help turn your hard water into soft, luxurious water for better use around the home. How do you know if your water is hard? Detecting the presence of hard water is something many people don’t know how to do. Let’s look at a few simple home

Why Softening and Reverse Osmosis Go Together

Within the water filtration sphere, there are a few different layers of water treatment. You may be familiar with reverse osmosis filters that are installed under a sink and provide purified for drinking and cooking. Kinetico’s Drinking Water Station is certified by NSF to remove more impurities than any other reverse osmosis and is rated

Effects of Hard Water

While hard water may not be a serious threat to your health, it can certainly have significant effects on other areas of your life, making household tasks more difficult and causing long-term damage to your clothing, skin, hair and appliances. The average American family of four uses about 400 gallons of water every day, for

Skin Benefits of Soft Water

There are several reasons why soft water can be more beneficial to skin than hard water, and there are plenty of reasons to try and avoid hard water on the skin altogether. Let’s look at the effects soft and hard water have on your skin. Effects of Hard Water on Skin Hard water contains dissolved

Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a New Water Softener

Water softeners can be a great addition to many homes in Utah, especially since most municipal water systems in the area have “hard” water, a term that describes water containing minerals like calcium and magnesium, that can cause problems with scale build up and dry skin. Before you get one, though, there are a few