Water Softener Regeneration – What You Need to Know

Why do water softeners need to regenerate? What happens during the regeneration process? And how often should it take place? When you have questions about softening systems, Kinetico is your source for answers. Below, we explain the basics on regeneration, the two different types – scheduled and on-demand regeneration – and the benefits of investing

How a Reverse Osmosis System Will Benefit Your Family

Have you thought about installing a reverse osmosis system? When it comes to your family’s drinking water, you have your choice of a few different types of filtration systems. The best feature RO technology, purifying water by using pressure to push it through a semi-permeable membrane. To see what makes reverse osmosis the ideal water

Where Can a Water Softener Be Installed in Your Utah Home?

You know that installing a water softener will solve your hard water problems. No more spotty dishes and soap scum, no more scale buildup on your faucets and fixtures, no more dingy clothes – all of these issues will disappear once your softening system is in place. But, where should that place be? The ideal

Buying a Home? Contact a Water Treatment Professional First

If you’ve found your dream Utah home, you’d be wise to arrange for an assessment from a water treatment professional before you finalize the purchase. Sure, you may be scheduling a professional home inspection to get an accurate account of the property’s condition. The problem is, water quality testing and an analysis of any existing

Why a Home Water Filtration System Beats Drinking Bottled Water

Is bottled water always on your grocery list? If so, you should consider installing a home filtration system. Sure, you can get great-tasting drinking water either way it goes – but taste isn’t all that matters. Check out the following, and you’ll see why ditching the bottled water for a filtration system at your northern

Why Choose a Non-Electric Water Softener?

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium, minerals that cause hard water. Most require electricity to accomplish this task but those made by Kinetico – are non-electric. Both types of water softening systems work. However, mechanical or non-electric softeners have a few advantages over their electric counterparts. Here’s what you need to know to choose the

Hard Water and Soft Water – What’s the Difference?

You could have hard or soft water in your home – and chances are, it’s the former. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, about 85 percent of the country has hard water, and in Utah, the percentage is certainly much higher. If you’re not sure how hard and soft water differ, you’re not alone. Here,

Reasons to Consider a Kinetico Drinking Water System

If you’re looking for a drinking water system for your Utah home, you’ll find numerous options. But as with any type of product, certain brands and manufacturers are inherently better than others. Kinetico is one of the most trusted and most popular brands for water treatment systems. When having the best drinking water system is

Water Purification - Carbon Filtration vs. Reverse Osmosis

If you’ve been looking into getting a water purification system for your home, you’ve no doubt noticed the two most popular technologies – carbon filtration and reverse osmosis (RO). And you wouldn’t be the first person to wonder about the differences between them. Here at Kinetico Utah, we often get questions about the options for

The Basics of Drinking Water Testing

Does your drinking water come from the tap? It may look pretty clear, and the taste may be acceptable – which might lead you to assume that it’s safe for consumption. This could be true, but the only way to make sure of that is to get it tested. What Does Drinking Water Testing Involve?