Hard Water is

Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium. As water comes in contact with the earth’s surface minerals dissolve into it which then cause dry itchy skin, white or cream colored crusty build up on faucets, fixtures and glass shower doors. Hard water also collects inside appliances which reduces their effectiveness and life span.

Soft Water is

Soft water is the term used for water that is free of calcium and magnesium. The benefits of soft water include softer skin and hair, less spotting on bathroom and kitchen fixtures Soft water will protect appliances from scale build up that will reduce effectiveness and shorten their life. Water is softened by a water

Which Water Filter is Best for Me?

There are many different types of water filters and it’s easy to become confused about what type of water filtration is best going to solve your specific water problem. Water filters can be placed into four different categories, sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis (RO) and distillation. Sediment: This type of water filter is used to remove particulates

The Scoop on Salt Free Water Softeners

We are all looking for easier, more convenient, less expensive, and environmentally friendly ways to do things around our homes and one of the commonly marketed products to help do this are “salt free water softeners.” The question that begs an answer is how effective are these systems at providing soft water, or the benefits

Are there risks to bathing in Chlorinated Water?

Have you ever gone to get a drink of cool refreshing water only to be greeted with the smell of chlorine and wondered how good it is to drink that stuff. You may have even had the same question as you were soaking in the tub or enjoying a nice long hot shower and pretty

Are Water Softeners Green?

As society searches for ways to have less of an impact on our environment many of us start to look around our homes and try to invest in items that are more energy efficient and green. If you live where the water is hard, which is water that contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium;